My daughter is in Pre-nursery and, am very happy to choose Nuevo International for her. During her journey in Pre-nursery, she has become confident & knowledgeable with great vocabulary. All the events to name a few like, Nature Walk, Educational Field Trip, Interactive PTM, Close netted App which ensures seamlessly communication between the parent community and the school management & multiple other efforts by the management with child being at their centre in every thought process reflected the hard work n dedication of the Nuevo International management’s ability to succeed. Very big thanks to Nuevo International’s Ms Althea and Ms Deepika along with the supporting teachers for all their efforts, care and affection. Overall an Amazing school !!! Thank you.

- Rabindra Hota Father of Prapti Hota Play Group to UKG

Yet another beautiful year of learning and fabulous performance by our talented superstars. Hearty congratulations to Nuevo International teachers and management team for guiding and educating our children who have shaped up to face the next level of challenge from schooling front.

It was overwhelming to see all the smiling children perform with passion and zeal…
I would once again like to thank you to your team for being a strong support for all of us.


- Padmini Jagannathan Mother of Sai Advik LKG